Our Philosophy Positive Image Performing Arts aka PIPA’s philosophy is to provide a positive & fun-loving environment in which students are taught to achieve their own unique ability & talent. We strive to meet the needs of all students by offering numerous disciplines of dance and performing arts on many levels. Our dedicated staff teach with positive reinforcement and our teachers promote positive thinking, self-discipline, confidence and goal setting. Our students are encouraged to develop creativity, poise, technique and self-esteem. Many friendships and good memories develop over the years. Whether you are a recreational or serious minded dancer, our mission is to provide the best education available at an affordable cost.
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The following information details Positive Image Performing Arts class descriptions and dance terminology. Competitive Team is offered for dancers that have excelled at the non-competitive level and/or are for dancers that have transferred from another studio or performing arts organization. The skill and ability level of dancers who are enrolled as PIPA DANCE TEAM members can progress several times faster than non-competitive classes or dancers. PIPA DANCE TEAM placements are made based on each dancer’s effort, work ethic, attitude, skill and ability from the previous season. All PIPA DANCE TEAM members represent PIPA at community events, parades, dance camps/conventions, and regional and national competitions. Dancers are required to participate in all scheduled team events and/or performances. Being a part of the competitive program means you are willing to make a strong commitment to your classes and performances. It means that your dancer has a desire to work hard and learn as much as they possibly can be. If your dancer can truly make the most of each class by always dancing their heart out and pushing themselves further, then we can help them be the best dancer they can be. Respect for teachers is important. Whether the teacher is talking to your child directly or another student, they need to listen carefully. A correction is an honor; it shows your dancer how much their teacher cares about them and how much they want to help your child improve. Encourage your child to say “Thank You” the next time their teacher corrects them. Good attendance is essential in the competitive programs. We understand that students do get sick, however, please do not miss for other social activities. When a student misses a class, the teacher has to re-teach the material the next week, which can set the class back. Sometimes, choreography may change before a performance. If a student misses a class he/she may miss out on some choreography changes and not be prepared for the next performance. It is always best to get together with another team member before coming to the next class and/or performance to learn the material. Non-Competitive classes are offered at the beginner and intermediate level. Non-competitive classes do not compete in competition. Combo classes (Ages 2.5-12) are offered in a fun environment. These classes teach technique in ballet, tap, jazz and tumbling while incorporating creative props and creative movement, etc. to promote coordination and balance. Hip Hop classes are offered for ages 6 and up. Students are shown the basics of pop and lock and gliding techniques, as well as the latest street and free-style hip hop moves. Hip Hop classes are non-competitive. Jazz is taught with disciplined principles, terminology and methods. This class is designed for our dancers to build on from beginner through advanced. Jazz incorporates ballet technique, Broadway styles, and contemporary movement. Tap teaches traditional forms, urban forms and new styles with upbeat and rhythmic sounds. Creative percussive footwork is taught at a beginner-advanced level. Tap helps to develop mind and body coordination. Ballet/Tech is the foundation of a dancer’s body placement and posture. Through ballet all other dance forms may be found. Our ballet program teaches technique, ballet terms and flexibility for the dancers using classical traditions. Ballet is offered on several levels for ages 2.5 and up. Lyrical classes combine Ballet and Jazz technique to explore interpretation and grace. Pre-Pointe is a primary introduction meant to take an advanced ballet student that has mastered and learned basic ballet technique and who has developed the strength that it takes to dance en pointe. Pointe Class for the advanced ballet student where ballet movements en pointe to achieve use of the toe while learning an effective series of steps and technique. Cheernastics a class developed for students that want to learn cheerleading jumps, motions, stunts, dances and tumbling on a non-competitive level. Tumbling is offered for boys and girls at different levels. The class teaches the basics of tumbling, and helps increase strength, flexibility, and control through floor work.
Class Descriptions and Dance Terminology
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