Our Philosophy Positive Image Performing Arts aka PIPA’s philosophy is to provide a positive & fun-loving environment in which students are taught to achieve their own unique ability & talent. We strive to meet the needs of all students by offering numerous disciplines of dance and performing arts on many levels. Our dedicated staff teach with positive reinforcement and our teachers promote positive thinking, self-discipline, confidence and goal setting. Our students are encouraged to develop creativity, poise, technique and self-esteem. Many friendships and good memories develop over the years. Whether you are a recreational or serious minded dancer, our mission is to provide the best education available at an affordable cost.
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Please read PIPA News and Updates for important information about our programs and events... PIPA Emails: Remember, always review/read the Weekly PIPA emails for more information. Dance Moms: Check us out on Lifetime TV’s, “Dance Moms”, Episode 5, Season 4! ANNOUNCEMENTS! Recital Tickets!!!All tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite using the below button! ***Please remember that with you paid recital fee, you will get 2 FREE tickets. This year we entertained having 2 shows but I have decided to keep it to just 1 show starting at 4pm. ***THIS YEAR WE WILL HAVE A SCANNER TO MAKE TICKETING AT THE DOOR A LOT FASTER. PIPA 2018 RECITAL Our theme for our 14th Annual Recital is "Brighter Day"!  Each year I choose a theme and song that is meant to uplift and inspire. We all have been through ups and downs and maybe waiting for the brighter day. Some of you are fortunate to be living in that brighter day!  Click the button to check out our recital theme song! To date at last years recital we were able to give away the largest number of scholarships given at our recital. We gave away 87 scholarships, including 1 additional lifetime scholarship (we now have 3 total). In addition to scholarships, each child received a trophy. We look to continue this for our 2018 recital!  Our 2018 Recital date is Saturday, June 16th at 4pm at the Brendle Recital Hall on the Campus of Wake Forest University! *Recital Fee is $65 per dancer or $75 per family *Recital Costumes are $65 for non competitive classes, if a child is in more than one routine, they get $15 off the second costume *For the recital ALL PIPA Dancers will need a PIPA T-shirt, shirts are $12 and can be ordered in May. Mr./Miss P.I.P.A. Contest, make sure you enter to WIN!!! Please don't forget to enter your child in the Mr. / Miss P.I.P.A. contest.  We are starting early this year! Recital Ad Sales!!! Each year prior to the recital P.I.P.A. starts the Mr./Miss P.I.P.A. Contest.  All P.I.P.A. students along with family and friends can sell ads to people and businesses.  Recital ads show support for your favorite dancer/performer and they also advertise the services/products of a local or national business.  In order to WIN, the student that sells the highest total sale amount of ads wins the contest.  To qualify  for the Mr./Miss P.I.P.A. Winner Title, students must sell at minimum $250.00 worth of ads.  The winner of the contest will receive one (1) year free tuition  along with a great gift and a special prize bag from Dink Digital Productions.   To clarify, one year of free tuition  is based on the nine (9) month tuition rate for one class or one  team that begins September 2018.   Additionally, the contest winner will represent P.I.P.A. during this year's Winston-Salem State  University's Homecoming Parade. •1st Runner Up receives $40 off  their 2017 - 2018 Tuition starting  September 2018 •2nd Runner Up receives $30 off  their  2017 - 2018 Tuition starting  September 2018 •3rd Runner Up receives $20 off  their  2017 - 2018 Tuition starting  September 2018 •4th Runner Up receives $10 off  their  2017– 2018 Tuition starting  September 2018 HALL Text, Photo or Business Ads  will only be played as a commercial  on the Big Screen inside the Hall throughout the duration of the recital.  LOBBY Text, Photo or  Business Ads will only be played  throughout the recital on  televisions and/or video projection equipment outside the Hall in  designated  lobby areas.  Prices  vary for the type of Ad you purchase.    Please note that every attempt will be made to show all ads, but some ads may not be shown because of Recital time restrictions as  determined by P.I.P.A.  All Recital Ads will be included on the Ads DVD. For more information and to purchase your Recital Ads, click on the button on our website. 2018 RECITAL DVDs will be available in mid-August and can be picked up during office hours. 2018 RECITAL PICTURES will be take the first week of June, and exact date and time will be given mid-May. 2017 Recital Pictures can be found at www.positiveimagenc.com click on "VIEW YOUR PICTURES", then select "PIPA PRE RECITAL PHOTO SESSION 2017", select your images by emailing your selections to ftaylo25@cs.com. Please be sure to include your child's name, class day and time. Your selection will be in the form of a file number that looks like this ex. FST_0806.  Please make sure that your selections were paid for on picture day, if not, you can make your selections online and you can make your payment online. 2017 Recital Images can be found at http://www.positiveimagenc.com/ click on "VIEW YOUR PICTURES", then select "PIPA RECITAL 2017"!!!. If you like some of the pics, you can make your selections online and you can make your payment online. Please be sure to include your child's name, class day and time. Your selection will be in the form of a file number that looks like this ex. FST_0806.  Email your selections to ftaylo25@cs.com. Please check out our online store! A dancer should always be properly dressed and groomed.  It is part of the self-discipline, which goes hand-in-hand with dance training itself.  Students MUST wear the proper attire listed for their specific class.  All dress codes will be enforced.  Should a student come without proper attire they will be asked to borrow items from our “lost and found box” or sit out of class. NOTE: Please check out our dancewear racks, located in the lobby, prices are $5-$15. Click on the button to check out our online store!!! From the cast of "Dreamgirls", Djerome Wells, will be teaching voice lessons and piano for ALL ages at PIPA!!!  Beginning Voice and Piano Lesson Rates: (Includes studio rental fee) 30 mins = $25  45 mins = $30 Voice Lessons: Learning scales, proper breathing techniques, Diction exercises, and repertoire for auditions or showcase concerts  Piano Lessons: Beginning fundamentals for Piano, Learning Scales, small pieces to work on!  ADULT CLASSES JAZZ, HIP HOP & TECHNIQUE DANCE CLASSES FOR ADULTS, Fridays at 6:15 p.m., $5 per class Free child care will be available if you pre-register!  Classes are taught by Tianna! LADIES NIGHT CLASSES SEXY DANCE CLASSES FOR ADULTS, Fridays at 6:15 p.m., $5 per class Free child care will be available if you pre-register!  Classes are taught by Tianna! EVERYBODY CLAP YOUR HANDS!  This is a video that features our girls that was choreographed by Courtney Taylor-Porter! PIPA Kudos Click on these great articles and recognition awards for info about Positive Image Performing Arts! PIPA Winston-Salem Studio Rental  Since we have 7,000+ sqft of space, we have a lot of fun possibilities with the WS studio.  If you (a PIPA Parent ONLY) book an event for yourself and your account is in good standing, you get $20 off of your rentals.  Please note that you book and pay to have your event held.  Click button for rate information. PROGRAMS, EVENTS, ETC. African Dance Class at Positive Image Performing Arts Saturday Class Starts at: Cost: 1:00-2:30 p.m. A (foldable donation) per class On Saturdays from 1:00-2:30 PM, PIPA will offer African Dance Class taught by Georgean Moore and featuring a live drummer, Mr. Hashin Salah The class will consist of a warm up, across the floor traditional dance movements, a combination, and abanataba at the end of class.  Banatsba is African dancing ground where everyone comes together and dances!  Email pipartsws@gmail.com for more information! PAY OPTIONS Tuition:  Tuition is due by the 1st of each month.  A $10 late fee will be charged after the 7th if not paid.  If the payment is not made by the last day of the month, an additional $10 will be added to your account for a possible total of $20 in late fees per month. Note: There are several parents who ensure payments are made on the 1st, we greatly appreciate that and this year we offer a $10 discount when your payment is made by the 1st of each month.   Our Office Hours                                                     Front Desk Staff Monday-Thursday  6-7:30 pm                              Patsy Foskey & Sherrell Sharpe Note: PLEASE CONTACT SHERRELL SHARPE FOR ALL OF YOUR STUDIO ACCOUNT QUESTIONS.  SHE CAN BE REACHED AT PIPABILLING@GMAIL.COM Financial Assistance:  See financial forms --> GENERAL REMINDERS COMMUNICATION: PIPA wants you to be informed!  Parents who drop their dancer off at the door should stop by the studio at least twice per month in order to stay up-to-date on current events, payments, etc.  The following are additional ways you and your dancer can stay in the know... Info spots on the doors to the studio, state everything that's going on at PIPA Monthly or weekly newsletters are available in the studio at all times Any updates, which are not posted in the newsletter, will be e-mailed and most info will be posted at www.PIPARTSNC.COM  Please make sure PIPA has your correct e-mail address! Handouts and Bulletin Board Information: PIPA produces several newsletters and flyers throughout the season.  They are loaded with lots of important information you will need to know about.  Extra handouts are always available in our waiting area.  In the event your child is absent, it will be your responsibility to contact our office staff.  Check our web page at www.PIPARTSNC.com for all updated information throughout the season. PARENT AND INSTRUCTOR COMMUNICATION:  It is very important for parents and instructors to keep lines of communication open to ensure each student is getting the most out of his/her learning experience.  If you ever have questions or ideas, please make an appointment with your child's instructor before or after normal studio business hours.  Make sure you are receiving and reading your monthly newsletter (which is given to your child).  This will keep you up-to-date on everything. ATTENDANCE: Regular attendance is necessary for productive learning.  It is recommended that non-competitive dancers not miss more than 5 classes per fall session or 2 classes per spring session.  However, if a dancer must miss a class for any reason, please call ahead to inform the office. PIPA parents are responsible for obtaining any information missed when absent. CLASS OBSERVATION:  Parents will be able to observe classes the last class of the month starting in November.  The instructor will welcome parents into class. We know you are excited to see how much your kids are learning, however, parents & friends sitting through class is not allowed, as it will disturb valuable practice time.  Please take advantage of each parent observation day. LOST & FOUND: PIPA is not responsible for lost items.  If you are missing something, please check the lost and found box.  Please put your child's name on all of their dance items (in both shoes).
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