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 All Girl Summer Camp in Winston-Salem!                  Takes the worry out of what to do this summer!!! Press button to register! Ages: 4-13 Days/Hours: Monday-Friday 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Camp Dates: Wednesday, June 11th-Friday, August 23, 2019  Note: PIPA is closed on Thursday, July 4, 2019 Registration Fees: Early Registration: $25 (one-time, non-refundale), due April 1st Weekly Fee: $65 per week (If you register by April 1st) Camp Payments: ALL payments are due the Monday that your child attends camp that week.  If payments are made Tuesday-Friday, a 415 late fee will be applied. *We do have a sibling rate.  Each siblings $10 off. FREE Breakfast is provided Monday-Friday FREE Lunch is provided Monday-Thursday.  On Fridays we feature a food truck or we go out to eat. Campers will need $8 on those days.  *Free breakfast & lunch starts the 2nd week of camp. Camp Contact: Director:  Courtney Porter Phone: 336.327.0369 Email: Website: Camp Activities: -daily enrichment & reading -arts & crafts -field trips -singing/voice -modeling -games -manners & etiquette -taste testing -guest speakers -swimming -ballet, tap, jazz, & hip hop -cheerleading & tumbling -technique & flexibility -photoshoot -movies Note: Most activities will take place inside, in an air conditioned facility PIPA 2019 CAMP REMINDERS FOR PARENTS   Camp Tuition: Week 1 Tuition is due Tuesday, June 11th . For Weeks 2 - Week 11 ALL payments are due Monday, before you or at the time that you drop off your camper. You can not drop off your camper and then pay when you get to work. You may pay with cash, cash app, check or credit card. When paying with Cash App, add $2.00   Cash App payments MUST include this info:   Child’s Name (first and last>) Contact Number> Contact Email> Date of the week you are paying for>   PARKING: ALWAYS park in an actual space and walk your camper inside as well, sign them in. DO NOT PARK IN ANY OF THE DRIVEWAYS.    Great Wolf Trip :  Our Great Wolf trip will be the week of August 13th. A specific date will be decided on very soon. It will be a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. The cost for Great Wolf will be $100 per camper. The cost will cover their overnight stay at the resort, 2 breakfast meals, 1 lunch meal and transportation. The day we leave campers will arrive at camp at their normal time and we will return the next day by 6pm. If your camper decides not to go, we will not provide any activities the days that we are on the trip. Tuition that week will be the SAME and will be due that Monday as usual. Great Wolf payments will be due in full July 19th. To be able to attend Great Wolf, you may sell raffle tickets. To sell raffle tickets you must pay $5, the $5 pays for the Gas card that we will raffle. You can start selling the first week of camp. We will raffle off a $100 gas card on August 9th. Raffle tickets will sell for $5.00 a ticket. A camper would need to sell 20 tickets for cover the full cost of their trip. About 10 tickets would need to be sold to cover half. You can also use raffle ticket sales to cover the cost of camp tuition. All raffle tickets and money are due July 20th.    Parents are allowed to chaperone, those details will be emailed in July.      We are so excited to also announce the following:   Once again, campers will take part in WSSU's Cheer Explosion cheer camp. Since this activity is off-site, we will not provide breakfast that week. ALL pick up and drop off will be at WSSU for that week. Once WSSU announces their dates, we will let you know.    Camp Swimming: This summer we are so excited to be able to swim at the Waterworks Waterpark. Since we are a designated summer camp, we will have a weekly swim timeslot. The cost on swim days will be $6.   PLEASE let us know if there are any physical, mental or emotional health concerns that we should be concerned about. Being completely honest is very important so that we can give your child the BEST care! This card will be kept with any medications that your child may need while they are at camp. Summer Camp Registration Form: Many of you are registered with our dance program but have not submitted a Summer Camp registration form and many have paid for camp but have not submitted a Summer Camp registration form.    Camp Safety: Safety is always a concern, no matter where we are located. We have a security guard that will be on hand Monday-Thursday as well, we have a 16-camera surveillance system and daytime car patrol by the WSPD. We are all located across the WSPD training facility, which operates 24-hours.     Camper Interviews: Daily we want to make sure that campers are connecting to their peers and to their Counselors! As we did last year, each day we will interview your camper to make sure that they are having an amazing experience. Please look at the attached interview sheet. Campers are interviewed by Counselors & Jr Counselors at the end of the day.    Camp Staff Guidelines: Our camp staff must follow strict guidelines to make sure that your camper is safe, loved and cared for. Please see the attached documents which lay-out my expectations of my staff.    Camp Needs:  PIPA CAMP    YOUR CAMPER SHOULD HAVE THE FOLLOWING LABELED ITEMS IN THEIR BOOK BAG DAILY:   NOTE: PLEASE LABEL ALL ITEMS (CLOTHING & SHOES TOO) -blanket & pillow   -hair comb & brush -hand sanitizer -umbrella -spare change of clothes -extra shirt to cover up for arts & crafts -deodorant, towel, lotion, etc. -1 refillable water bottles -Band-Aids -Summer Enrichment Workbook   -pen, pencils, crayons & markers -pack of tissues -baby wipes -inhalers -prescription medication   -books to read   CAMP MEALS: Free Breakfast & Lunch Daily; If your camper does not want the free breakfast they may bring their own NON microwavable lunch. All campers will need to bring 1 water bottle & 2 snacks for snack time daily. On the first day of camp, we will not serve breakfast but we will serve lunch .  On FRIDAYS, campers will need to bring $10 for lunch.  The $10 will take care of your child’s food and also the 20% gratuity for our large party.   BUS Ride INFORMATION: ON BUS DAYS, CAMPERS WILL NEED TO BRING $3 TO RIDE THE BUS WHEN WE HAVE SCHEDULED BUS RIDES. THESE DAYS WILL BE INDICATED ON YOUR WEEKLY CALENDAR.   DAILY ATTIRE: Campers need to wear clean athletic shoes, shorts, tanks, capris, T-shirts or skorts. Sandals and flip flops can only be worn if your child brings tennis shoes to change into. On days that we go to restaurants, campers need to dress up! Female campers will change into their dance clothes daily.    Contact Numbers: In the case of an emergency, please call: Courtney Porter 336-327-0369 or PIPA Studio 336-893-6571
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