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 All Girl Summer Camp in Winston-Salem!                  Takes the worry out of what to do this summer!!! Press button to register! Ages: 4-12 (PIPA Students can be 3 years of age) Days/Hours: 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Camp Dates: June 12, 2018  - August 24, 2018  Note: PIPA is closed on Wednesday, July 4, 2018 The first Monday that WSFCS are out of school will be our first day.  Our last day of camp will be the Friday before WSFCS goes back.  Exact dates will be posted once the winter season has ended. Camp Payments: Payments are due the Monday that your child attends camp that week.  Weeks are not pro-rated.  If payment are made Tuesday - Friday, a $10 late fee will be applied. We do have a sibling rate.  The first sibling pays the regular rate for tuition and registration and each sibling after gets $10 off registration and tuition. Your payment options are cash, check, money order or credit card. CHECKS: Checks are to be written to: Courtney Taylor-Porter, so that checks can be taken to your bank and cashed. CASH: Please make sure you have exact cash.  For safety and security, we will not keel a lot of cash at the studio desk. CREDIT CARD: Credit Card payments can be made in the studio Monday - Thursday 6pm - 8pm. Credit Card payments can also be made online at 24 hours via our new payment system. Free Breakfast & Lunch Daily!!!  If your camper does not want the free breakfast and lunch, then each day campers will need to bring 3 water bottles & 2 snacks for snack time daily.  Also, some Fridays, campers will need to bring  $10 for lunch.  The $10 will take care of your child’s food  and also the 20% gratuity for our large party, if we eat at a restaurant. Bus Rides: Some fields trips will require the use of a city bus or rented van.  On these days the fee will be $2 to $3. YOUR CAMPERS SHOULD HAVE THE FOLLOWING ITEMS IN THEIR BOOK BAG DAILY: -blanket & pillow -hair comb & brush -hand sanitizer -umbrella -spare change of clothes -extra shirt cover up for arts & crafts -deodorant, towel, lotion, etc. for swim days -baby wipes -2 water bottles -band aids -pen, pencils, crayons & markers -enrichment book -reading book -wallet with bus pass -pack of tissues NOTE: Please label all items (Clothing & Shoes too) CAMP RULES: Our mission is to have an atmosphere where campers can have fun learning about different aspects of art and culture.  Please read the following rules so that you and your child can help our PIPA Camp be the best that it can be. 1) Disrespect of a camp counselor, teacher, guest or other campers will be addressed immediately and will not be tolerated. 2) No candy is allowed at camp, unless otherwise approved. 3) Campers can bring tablets and phones and other gaming systems to camp.  However, all items must be labeled and can only be played at approved times.  PIPA is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. 4) Weekly schedules will be emailed to all parents by Monday morning. 5) Campers should be signed in & out daily. 6) All campers need to be picked up daily for camp on time.  There is a $15 late charge for every 15 minutes you are late on Fridays.  Monday - Friday camp hours are 7:00a.m. - 6:00p.m. 7) Daily Enrichment: Each day campers are required to do at least 45 minutes of enrichment daily.  For enrichment each student will need to have their own enrichment book for their grade level. 8) In addition to their enrichment book, they need to have a book that is on their level daily. 9) Daily Attire: Campers need to wear clean athletic shoes, shorts, tanks, capris, T-shirts or skorts.  Sandals and flip flops can only be work if your child brings tennis shoes to change into. This year campers will not need dancewear.
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